On The Edge (with bonus tracks)

by Nate Stevens

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2 hidden bonus tracks when you purchase the whole album:

10. Make Your Light Shine (Pachyderm Demo version featuring Miles)
11. Seeds of Unity (Live Stevens Brothers Band 8 minute version)

recorded winter 2008-2009 in Arcata, California by Homeless Moses, aka Jeff Scroggins in his living room studio.

I went out to California to hook up with Jeff and record some music, set my mind free. "On The Edge" & "I'm Free" were written during this period.

Tons of pics included in the full album download as well :-)


released February 3, 2012

All songs written and performed by Nate Stevens.
Nate Stevens - guitar, vocals, harmonica
Jeff Scroggins - drum on Seeds of Unity

recorded & produced by Jeff Scroggins/Homeless Moses
in winter 2008-2009, Arcata, NorCal, USA



all rights reserved


Nate Stevens St Paul, Minnesota

I use music to build bridges from heart to heart, knowing in my soul that we are all ONE LOVE. I truly believe in and have witnessed the power of music to heal, connect, and transcend all perceived boundaries, for music has the power to bring hearts and souls together! ... more

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Track Name: Seeds Of Unity
So much war and hatred
all around the globe
well there's people starving and fighting for life
the kids are crying feeling so much strife
well there's guns and bombs and mines and missiles
blowing apart all our brothers and sisters when
all they trying to do is live their lives

so tell me why cant we learn to love each other
take a look around and give some love out to
your brothers and your sisters
cause we're all in this world together
and we're all sick and tired of the stormy weather
so put your guns and your missiles down
and start pulling all the landmines out of the ground
then plant some seeds of unity and watch them grow

see the time is coming and it wont be long
when every man woman child
they will start to sing their songs
of victory of unity of freedom and of peace
we'll sing it loud and louder till the
fighting has to cease
and the war, the hatred, the anger and the doubt
turn into happiness that's what life is all about
singing songs of celebration
get together with jubilation
spreading it all across the nation
playing it loud on every station
that the new world is here
and it wont go away
cause the truth is shining brighter in our hearts
each day
no more time for quarrels
no more fuss and fight
we all bound for glory
cause we're walking in the LIGHT yea yea
walking in the LIGHT
Track Name: Honey Babe
Honey babe all I need is just another hug and just another squeeze
You're so smart and you're so sweet
Why don't you move your body over here
And sit down on my knee

I'm gonna love you in a funky kind of way
You're my best friend you're the reason that I came
All the way across the country baby
I just want you to be
My honey sweet baby darlin love

Oh honey babe you're so pretty
You're so specal and I love you in oh so manyways
You bring a smile to my mornin
And a song into my day
You got me where you want me
And I won't ever run away

Oh honey babe, honey love
God must have sent an angel give me blessings from above
You're my apple pie you're my sweet delight
And now I'm gonna love you baby
Every day & night

Cause you're my honey babe
You're my sweet sweet love
Sugar on my oatmeal you're the butter on my buns
Come on & let's get married babe
And make this house a home
Fill it up with babies
Go on and throw the dog a bone

I'm gonna love u in a funky kind of way
You're my best friend
You're the reason that I cane
All the way across the country baby
I just want you to be
My honey sweet baby darlin love